Privacy Policy

Optimize Marketing takes the confidentiality of your information very seriously and believes the protection takes great responsibility. Optimize Marketing has adopted the following Privacy Policy, which is applicable to all information you provide during your visits to the site:

Optimize Marketing Employees and Privacy
OM trains all employees about the importance of privacy. Optimize marketing allows access to information only when required to perform their jobs.

Disclosure to Third Parties
It is Optimize Marketing’s policy to never provide your information to third parties without your express permission or unless it is necessary to perform a job hired to perform. The only exception would be if Optimized Marketing was required by law.

Privacy and Optimize Marketing Business Partners
From time to time optimize may share information to business partners, Optimize Marketing will onlyshare the necessary information to get the job done. Optimize Marketing’s business partners must alsoagree to this policy and utilize it while doing business with Optimize Marketing.

Corporate Data
Protecting the privacy of its customers and corporate data is one of their top priorities. Optimize Markinguses due diligence to make sure company’s data is not accessed by unauthorized people and to makesure their customers data is protected by limiting the access to such information and protecting it withcompany passwords

Nature of Information Acquired
The information Optimize Marketing gathers while processing a payment varies depending on thetransaction. It most likely will include name, card number, exp. Date, checking account number,transaction amount, billing/shipping address.

Information/Data Center Security
Optimize Marketing stores transaction information on secure server space provided by a third party. Onlya limited number of employees have access to this data. Optimize Marketing uses industry standards,firewalls and other means of security to prevent data access from unauthorized people.

Access by Our Employees
Optimize Marketing customer service representatives may have limited access to information to be ableto provide great customer service. For instance, a representative may have access to the last 4 numbersof a credit card but not the entire card number.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please send an email [email protected]

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